User research on experience sharing

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A fun project conducted in Palo Alto and Helsinki with 16 subjects about experience sharing practices. The learning: although many mothers have no social media presence, it does not mean they would not like to share their daily experience with … Continue reading

Future communication means

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A strategic design project about technologies that will shape the ways of communication in the near future. Wearables, multimodal interaction, immersive display technologies, etc. As the final outcome is confidential, just putting here a cloud of words about the major … Continue reading

Multimodal media player

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A small-scale project investigating multimodal interaction for a media player. Concept work, defining research steps and use of available resources. The main emphasis was on the selection of the most suitable input/output modalities and what it requires in terms of … Continue reading

Visualization of dialogues

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An old project with new tools. Back in 2000 published a paper on “Visualisation of spoken dialogues“. Since then tools for visualization developed significantly and the current effort focuses on multimodal interaction. More info available around May 2012. Figures: (c) 2012 … Continue reading