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Experience sharing with multimodal & multisensory UI

This work is a continuous effort based on learnings from a 2010 project at the California College of the Arts and a project in 2011 on multimodal and multisensory interaction (such as speech, gesture, physical activity and proximity sensing) to an experience sharing application. The ultimate goal is to further explore the role of multimodal and multisensory interaction in social communication.

This is an experience together with Yuan-Yi Fan from UCSB. The results of the 2011 project has been presented here:

“Multimodal Interaction as Communicative Media of Narrative Form for Experience Sharing” , The 6th international conference on Design Principles and Practices, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA, January 20, 2012

Our paper to the Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal has been accepted and after revision will be published later in 2012.