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Experience Design & User Experience workshops

Now and then I give lectures and conduct workshops on best practices in Experience Design and User Experience. Two regular venues are BootUp Academy (Menlo Park, CA) and the Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto, CA. The participants are aspiring startups from various industry segments, often already in their growth phase, in their quest to enter the US market.

One of the challenges is to explain the major differences what the concepts of User Interface and User Experience mean. I often cite the example of a coffee cup, i.e. how you approach it, touch it, lift it, for the former, and the overall sensory experience, the view, the smell, the taste of the coffee, even the location of the cafeteria, the company you have when having coffee, for the latter.

The workshop setup also includes a detailed overview of Interaction Design principles, evaluation techniques, design methods and even some hands-on exercise that are fun to do with other participants.

Ping me in case of interested in a lecture or workshop.