Multimodal Interaction Visualization

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A paper presented on the Turn-Taking and Coordination in Human-Machine Interaction symposium (2015 AAAI Spring Symposia, Stanford University, March 23-25, 2015, Palo Alto, California). Long worked on how to visualize multimodal interaction. After several attempts, got a solution that found to be … Continue reading

Field technician dashboard

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Designing a complex dashboard for overviewing operation of field technicians in the oil industry. The work included user interviews, concept generation and visualization with example data.    

Web design and implementation

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HTML5 and Javascript are awesome and fun to use! Either for clients or for friends, I often design and implement web sites. Pre-defined templates work pretty well, however, often need to combine them. Or start building from scratch – the fun part. Here … Continue reading

Visual Voice Memo

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  A small scale project for a local startup. The work included user research (to set the cultural context), interaction and experience design. The final delivery included an interactive prototype, based on origami-inspired folding interaction principles, the interaction flow, visual elements and … Continue reading

Acoustic data visualization

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This project for a non-profit organization was about environmental sensing. The goal was to visualize data, acoustic recordings, coming in from remote sensing stations on the California coast and on Hawaii. List of implemented functionalities: annual overview of all the … Continue reading

Mobile application mock-up

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A project on designing a wellness application and creating an interactive mock-up. Step-by-step iteration included research, concept design, wireframing, visual design, interaction design and mock-up implementation.

Visualization of multimodal interaction

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Continuation to an earlier project. The goal was to discover how different modality channels contribute to the overall success of a dialogue (i.e. system-user interaction). The implementation takes an EMMA-like XML-based description of the dialogue and analyses within each dialogues for each … Continue reading

Contextual multimodal integration

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Multimodal integration is an essential part of any multimodal system. By multimodal input we refer to any explicit input modalities like speech, gesture, touch, etc. and implicit modalities like sensor inputs, contextual information and even bio signals. While multimodal interaction … Continue reading